Building the Bench is designed to help relieve a pain point most ministry leaders experience every single week - volunteers who call out. Whether your volunteer team is full or lacking, everyone feels the tension of not having enough. Every Sunday team members get sick, their kids get sick, or they just decide to take a weekend off. Spending hours every week trying to find SUBS is exhausting. This course will actually give you a SUB strategy for building a thriving team that jumps in to fill in the gaps. Plus, you'll learn an easy way to manage the system that nearly runs itself.

Session 1 - Two Strategies to Building a Healthy SUB Team

Session 2 - A Gamification Strategy Your Volunteers will Love

Session 3 - The Systems Behind your SUB Strategy

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Duration: 3 Sessions

Group Type: On-Demand Course

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Facilitators: Jarrod Harris

  • Video content on demand
  • Course proceeds at your own pace

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Jarrod Harris
Jarrod Harris

Jarrod currently serves as the Elementary Director at Mission Community Church in Gilbert, AZ. He has served in local and para-church ministry in various church sizes across the country, serving kids and families for 15 years. He is passionate about the next generation, developing and empowering leaders within the church, and raising the level of excellence and intentionality behind each experience that is created for kids and families. Jarrod loves to network and brainstorm with other leaders to boost their ministries and find creative ways to serve their teams and volunteers more effectively each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the sessions work?
All sessions are available upon registration. You can complete this course at your own pace.
Can more than one person take the course?
Each person who takes a Ministry Boost course must register. However, there are discounts for multiple registrations. Email [email protected] to get a discount code to register multiple people from your church for the same course.