Developing Ministry Leaders Every person has a very different story, different gifts and strengths and different shortcomings. Understanding where and how to invest time developing certain skill sets is critical to growth. We know that success rises and falls on leadership. So, in this course, we will focus on helping the people God has put in front of us take next steps in their growth as leaders. Additionally, we’ll spend time learning how we can apply these simple development principles to ourselves as we lead others.

Session 1 - Know Your People

Session 2 - Identify Blind Spots and Opportunities

Session 3 - Processing Feedback

Session 4 - You Have to Own It

Session 5 - Get To It

Session 6 - Self Development

Session 7 - Developing Others (Staff and Volunteers)

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Duration: 7 Sessions

Group Type: On-Demand Course

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Facilitator: Allyson Evans

  • Video content on demand
  • Course proceeds at your own pace

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Allyson Evans
Allyson Evans

I have been on staff at Life.Church for 17 years. We are a multisite church with 32 locations in 10 states. We believe in the power of small groups and the relationship between the church and the home. We create curriculum for preschool through high schoolers and give it all away for free to any church who wants it on We believe that the capital “C” Church can accomplish infinitely more together than we can apart. I have been married for 26 years this April. My daughter, Matyson, is adulting in Austin, TX after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. Abby, is at OSU in the nursing program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the sessions work?
All sessions are available upon registration. You can complete this course at your own pace.
Can more than one person take the course?
Each person who takes a Ministry Boost course must register. However, there are discounts for multiple registrations. Email [email protected] to get a discount code to register multiple people from your church for the same course.

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