Implementing a Coaching Structure

A 12-week course designed to help you recruit, train, and empower coaches to lead your ministry.

Implement a Coaching Structure was created to help ministry leaders build a team of volunteer leaders around the ministries they lead. Often times, ministry staff end up doing EVERYTHING. Burnout is the norm as leaders struggle to tend to every detail. Ministry was never designed to be done alone. In these 12 weeks, we will walk through weekly steps of recruiting and onboarding a team of coaches who will co-lead by your side. You have an important job that only you can do, and this course will help you create a structure of coaches who will attend to things someone else can do.

Course Modules Include:

Week 1 & 2 - A Vision for Volunteers that Lead like Staff

Week 3 & 4 - Structure and Organization

Week 5 & 6 - Communication Strategy

Week 7 & 8 - Onboarding Strategy

Week 9 & 10 - Training and Development

Week 11 & 12 - Working On It

Course Details

Duration: 12 weeks

Group Type: Group Course

Course Includes:

  • 30-45 minute every-other-week video content
  • 60 minute every-other-week group conversation
  • 2 one-on-on calls with course instructor
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Community
  • BONUS: Tribe Conversations
  • BONUS: Four Staff Video Courses
  • BONUS: Three Boosts Video Archive

Dates & Times

Facilitator: Nick Blevins

  • Group Conversations on Mondays (Every Other Monday) at 1 PM EST
  • Course begins Monday, October 1st
  • Course ends Monday, December 10th

Facilitator: Kenny Conley

  • Group Conversations on Wednesdays (Every Other Wednesday) at 11 AM EST
  • Course begins Wednesday, October 3rd
  • Course ends Thursday, December 12th


  • Essentially, this course will take 12 weeks to work through 6 main sessions/ideas. A new video will be delivered on the first week of a session and the conversation will take place the following week.
  • This course is designed to take you through the process of recruiting, training and on-boarding new coaches. We will help you find them and bring them on your team over the duration of our 12 weeks together.

Instructor: Nick Blevins

Nick and his wife Jennifer have been married for over a decade and are blessed with their 2 kids, Isaac & Mackenzie. Nick serves on the leadership team at Community Christian Church and leads the NextGen Ministry staff team. Nick loves to help church leaders work on their ministry (not just in it) and he is a certified Church StratOp facilitator, helping churches walk through the proven strategic planning process of StratOp. You can find his writing, free resources, and weekly interviews with family ministry leaders at

Instructor: Kenny Conley

Kenny, a 20-year veteran of kids and family ministry, currently serves as the NextGen Pastor at Mission Church in Gilbert, AZ. His passion to see the next generation come to know and follow Christ propels him to constantly rethink how the church approaches ministry to kids, students and their families. Kenny loves to network and collaborate with ministry leaders around the world to push ministry to new levels. Kenny writes at and

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course work?
This course is different from most courses. It will begin with video content on the first week followed by a group conversation the next week. Participants will learn, tackle some homework and then discuss with peers (and the instructor) as they implement the action steps. Consider it 6 general sessions spread over 12 weeks. The content is highly actionable. We hope that participants will do the hard work and onboard a number of new coaches during this course.
What if I miss a session?
No worries, once a group session is finished, a recording of that session will be uploaded for viewing access. It remains viewable moving forward, allowing you to catch up at any point or even refer back to videos later on down the road.
How many will be in a group?
This group course has limited capacity. This group will close at 20 participants (most weeks, a few people are unable to participate) making the group large enough for varied experiences/perspectives, but not too big to facilitate lively discussions.
Is there really homework?
Yes, a little. The course will give you action steps every week, helping you establish a coaching structure and filling it with amazing leaders. You will get so many ideas and feedback, but we want to help you create a plan for moving your ministry forward as well.
What else do I get with this course?
Quite a bit, actually. The course is specifically designed around eight weeks of content, discussion sessions and a 30-minute one on one with your instructor. But we've thrown in quite a few extras. * Access to a closed Facebook community to ask questions, share ideas, and find encouragement * Access to Tribe Conversations, regularly scheduled zoom meetings where you can connect with others in similar roles as you * Access to FREE Staff Courses * Access to Three Boost Video Archives

This course is not open for enrollment.