Volunteer Playbook + Volunteer Pipeline + Coaching Bundle

Get the Volunteer Playbook + Volunteer Pipeline Together at a Discount (plus Coaching)

Get two of our most popular courses in one bundle at a discount + Coaching! In this bundle, you get the Volunteer Playbook and Volunteer Pipeline courses together along with 3 months of Group Coaching, for a savings of 40%!

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Various Instructors
Various Instructors

Courses Included with Purchase

The Volunteer Pipeline
A 3-week course designed to help ministries build an effective onboarding process for volunteers.
Kenny Conley
Volunteer Playbook
A 10-week course designed to help you recruit more volunteers.
Nick Blevins
Group Coaching (3 Months)
3 Group Coaching Calls (one each month) to help you apply what you're learning in your course
Various Instructors

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